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Relationship Between Self Concepts, Motivation, Study Habits And Learning Styles Effected Mechanical Engineering Pre Board Examination

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Research Methodology
This chapter focuses on the research methodology, research procedure and data collection of the study. This chapter also presents the description on how gathered data were interpreted and analyzed.
This quantitative research applied the format of using a questionnaire. Data were collected to determine the correlation between the self-concept, motivation, study habits and learning style in pre-board exam of Mechanical Engineering students. The students involved are the learners who took the pre-board exam in Mechanical Engineering. Statistical tools are used to analyze the data and to find the significant relation of the variables.
This study was conducted at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Quezon City located at 938 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao,Quezon City. The respondents of this study were the ...view middle of the document...

These students are selected because they are the characteristics that we needed in our studied like they are Mechanical and graduating students who took the pre-board exam last semester. The students also have their exam which is the pre-board exam. The result of the examination will be given by the department, which is one of the factor of the studies.

Questionnaire was used to determine the level of self-concept, motivation and profiling the study habits and learning styles of the 4th year students of Mechanical Engineering. The questionnaire undergone to series of revisions and validations to make the results reliable and legitimate. Researchers took the permission of the authors to use the questionnaires.
The survey was conducted to the respondents consisting seventy (70) students of BSME, who took the pre board examination from the 1st semester of the school year 2015-2016. The students filled-out the student’s agreement form to ensure that they are willingly giving their personal information and result of their pre board examination.
They took the test approximately for three hours, including the break. They are accommodated using two classrooms in the same time. The researchers were divided into two groups to effectively administer the test, they also seek the presence of their co- adviser/statistician to help them to explain the significance of the data coming from them in realizing the study.
After the data gathering, the researchers interpreted the data using the different scoring device and interpretation base on the variable.

Data were collected by way of a questionnaire. Questionnaires were administered in the classroom. Instrument of the research is four (4) set of questionnaire. The first set of questionnaire to get the data on the self-concept, while the second questionnaire is the motivation. The third questionnaire is the study habits. Lastly the fourth set of questionnaire are to identify the preferred learning style of the students.

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