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Relationship Management Essay

1471 words - 6 pages

GM1114 Relationship Management 2015 Course outline
The course is divided into four modules Module 1 - RM Concepts, Module 2 - RM Applications in Consumer and Business Markets, Module 3 - RM Tools, Techniques and Technologies, and Module 4 - RM Implementation

Module 1: Sessions 1-4
The Concept of Relationship Management Text: Chapters 1-4 This module focuses on the conceptual and theoretical foundations of RM. A number of theoretical perspectives developed in economics, law and social psychology are being applied in RM. These include transactions cost analysis, agency theory, relational contracting, social exchange theory, network theory, and inter-organizational exchange behavior. ...view middle of the document...

N., Parvatiyar, A. and Shainesh, G., Eds., New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, pp. 3-25. Prahalad, C. K., & Ramaswamy, V. (2000). Co-Opting Customer Competence. Harvard Business Review, 78(1), 79-90. Fournier, S, Dobscha, S, and Mick, D. G. 'Preventing the Premature Death of Relationship Marketing', Harvard Business Review, January - February 1998, pp. 42-51. Case Analysis; Angels and Devils: Best Buy’s New Customer Approach

Preparation Questions 1. How is Best Buy implementing CRM? 2. What are the challenges of implementing CRM at Best Buy?

Module 2: Sessions 5-7
CRM Application in Consumer and Business Markets Text: Chapters 5-6

This module focuses on applications and practices of RM in different business contexts. RM has been applied in consumer and business markets covering goods as well as the services sector. Rewards /

loyalty programs are the most visible aspect of RM in consumer markets while RM manifests itself as Key Account Management (KAM) in business markets. Marketers in the services businesses have been pioneers in adopting RM. Review of the concepts and practices of service quality, service recovery and service guarantees will be done in this module. RM practices in telecom, hospitality, retail and airlines and in the durables and automobile markets will be highlighted through select cases. In addition to KAM, the concept and practice of Customer value management (CVM) will be covered.

Session 5-6 : CRM in B2C Markets Reading – Chapter 5

Session 7 : CRM in B2B Markets Reading – Chapter 6

Additional Recommended Readings Module 2 Tarasi, C. O., Bolton, R. N., Gustafsson, A., & Walker, B. A. (2013). Relationship Characteristics and Cash Flow Variability: Implications for Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Customer Portfolio Management. Journal of Service Research, 16(2), 121-137. Shainesh, G. (2012), ‘Effects of Trustworthiness and Trust on Loyalty Intentions: Validating a Parsimonious Model in Banking’, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 30, Iss: 4, 267 – 279. Nitzan, I., & Libai, B. (2011). Social Effects on Customer Retention. Journal of Marketing, 75(6), 24-38. Lemon, K. N., & Wangenheim, F. V. (2009). The reinforcing effects of loyalty program partnerships and core service usage a longitudinal analysis. Journal of Service Research, 11(4), 357-370. Senn, C. (2006). The Executive Growth Factor: How Siemens Invigorated Its Customer Relationships. Journal of Business Strategy, 27(1), 27-34. Anderson, J. C., Narus, J. A., & Van Rossum, W. (2006). Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets. Harvard Business Review, 84(3), 90. Narayandas, D. (2005). Building loyalty in business markets. Harvard Business Review, 83(9), 131-139. Lam, S. Y., Shankar, V., Erramilli, M. K., & Murthy, B. (2004). Customer Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Switching Costs: An Illustration from a Business-To-Business Service Context. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 32(3),...

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