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Religion And The Constitution Essay

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The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties

No matter what an individual believes, one thing is for certain, religion has a huge impact within our own society and throughout the world. Recent advances of this freedom have caused serious implications in the middle east. Religion in the United States is diverse and as a result of this diversity, we see that followers of certain religions will use the diversity of religion within to influence or even manipulate those who do not share the same views. Often times, this expression and influence has a negative effect on society. Throughout this essay, I will go in depth and discuss examples of the impact that religion has had throughout our own ...view middle of the document...

Thus, exercising the liberty of religious freedom here in the United States can result in outrage against innocent non-Muslims in the middle east. Not only will these acts by radical Christians here in the United States have implications in the middle east, but the actions will separate those who are Christian and those who are Muslim. This separation has created one of the more distinct fragmentations within our society that frequently results in acts of discrimination.
Advancements in technology also have implications on the exercise of religious freedom. These afore mentioned attacks and protests are prime examples of the serious implications. The use of the internet and social media throughout the world makes access to information from other countries rather easy. Anti-American, Islamic groups in the middle east were able to discover “The Innocence of Muslims” through YouTube. Freedom to express views against religions other than one’s own has a greater impact than it once did as a result of advances in technology.
Recently, the practice of exercising freedom in religion has often had negative impacts to minority groups within the United States. Many people will attempt to instill their religious upon others who do not share these beliefs. A recent example of such practice seen in the United States is that of Chic-Fil-a’s comments on homosexuality. Over this past summer (2012), owner of the popular fast food chain received a significant amount negative press for his public expression of religious views on marriage. As a result of these comments, numerous gay rights advocates spoke out and protested against the chain. When exercising their rights to speak out on their religious views on marriage, many people are affected by such comments often resulting in outrage that lead to protests. Similar to the Chick-Fil-a case was that of the boy scouts of America, who revealed their views on what constitutes a marriage and disbarred anyone from their organization that was homosexual. These religious backed groups will attempt to isolate minorities within society through opposition in certain views backed by religion.
A more significant impact and fragmentation of religion within Christianity that spreads throughout society comes with views on abortion and its unwarranted use within the law. In the Supreme Court case Planned Parenthood v. Casey, judges were placing obstacles in the way of minors who were seeking to receive an abortion. If a minor’s parent denied the minor the ability to receive an abortion, one could be obtained through the courts. However, Pennsylvania had an abortion control act which would require minors to pass five provisions before obtaining an abortion. Through the act, religious judges were able to impose their pro life views on the minor, creating a religious backing to a law which violated the establishment clause of the United States Constitution. This act made the ability of gaining the right of an abortion much more...

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