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The moral dilemma I faced lately in my professional life is a situation of sexual and plain harassment. This happened at my place of employment at the Veteran’s Medical Center. The problem started when we had gotten a new employee and I was being kind to him as like I try to be with every new coworker because I was told that I was mean to people. I try to get to know people to see if that person is someone I would like to associate myself with, but this guy took my kindness as something else and started to come on to me. I first told him that I was not interested and he stopped for a while then a couple of months later he started again with the obscene sexual advances, questions and comments. I sought advice from coworkers that work in a different department and they told me to start documenting everything, but tell him again that I wasn’t interested and what he said made me ...view middle of the document...

I then decided the next week to type a letter and distribute it to the harasser, the supervisor, the manager, dept. chief and legal department to inform them of the situation at hand, the precaution I had taken to avoid this last action and to put an end to everything and I had all of my witnesses to the situation. The day I started to give everyone the letter I asked for a meeting with me the guy and the supervisor and it came out that the guy was lying and I also let it be known that if things persist I will take legal action. The meeting helped a lot, but he tried to come on to me again this time I went to the manager and let her know and she gave him a written warning.

The reason I decided not to go to the far extreme was because I really didn’t want to see anyone lose their job and I know that it would be a long uphill legal battle in court. The other reason for this is because the guy is a veteran and he set the wheels in motion of mental health claim of post-traumatic stress disorder due to being a prisoner of war. He would always state that if anything happened he would use the fact that he had them mental health issues and that would be on his side and I had also did research within the facility we work and was told that he would more than likely get a slap on the risk because of them issues because he is a veteran first.

The situation has now gotten better because I let everyone know the manager, supervisor and harasser that I wasn’t playing about seeking legal action. Today we are all able to work together peaceful and cordially without the normal disagreements between coworkers. Our differences are set aside so that we can provide adequate care to our patients who are United States Veteran. Even though I know there is another possibility that the issue could arise I try to take myself out of the element as much as possible and get my work done because I know that soon in a few years I’ll be out of that department and doing what is my passion working in the criminal justice field.

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