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The case of the “The Reluctant Security Guard” has failures on two main fronts. There is a clear conflict between the company’s policy and David’s security license requirements. David Tuff’s handling of the issue should have been documented via a formal complaint, which would have possibly supported future efforts on his part to bring such a blatant policy of disregard for the public’s safety to the conscience of the media and public. Concurrently, it would validate his interaction with the company in regards to this matter in that he pursued dialogue to review and rescind the policy to include the challenge this policy poses to following the procedures and guidance outlined in the ...view middle of the document...

I would have identified the clear concerns that such a policy generates. Additionally, I would have used the company’s chain of command to articulate alternatives for dealing with unruly and “under the influence” individuals which would include discussion with local and municipal authorities. David’s approach was more utilitarian, unilateral and dismissed these options. He remained focused that his efforts would be for the “greatest benefit” and within the “best interest” of all citizens. He was on a mission to bring attention to this matter, no matter the cost and interruption to himself, his fellow employees, and his superiors. The leadership traits and principles that became part of his fabric as a Marine, may have limited his view as he did not consider these other options.

Mr. Tuff’s contact with the local media demonstrated his convictions on the matter while concurrently jeopardizing his employment with the company knowing the standing policy not to discuss such matters beyond employee management.

In the matter of the Blue Mountain Company and to build on my comments aforementioned, they were remiss for changing their policy from contacting local authorities for those that appeared intoxicated or drug induced. They posed great risk to the community, their employees (security guards), and to themselves when attempting to remove problematic people from their grounds as a result of drinking or ingesting drugs. Such a practice could lead to poor judgment by their security personnel leading to possible litigation against the guards in question and possibly the policies of Blue Mountain. Police and sheriff personnel are best equipped to handle such instances based on training, proper equipment, to include calling for additional support if required. The company missed an opportunity to be collective and collaborative in their approach by including their employees, patrons, and local authorities when rendering this policy. Such an exchange could have included documentation, data, and reasoning for their move to such a strategy. Although, the appeal that Blue Mountain was being considerate to their patrons by keeping a safe and clean environment, this exchange would have...

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