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Report About Sip

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Project Final Report

ITC TM&D June 13, 2013 Authored by: Vaibhav Goel

Introduction and Project Title .....................................................................................................2 Acknowledgement ......................................................................................................................2 Deliverables and Scope Of Study .................................................................................................3 METHODOLGY .............................................................................................................................4 Roles and Responsibilities ...view middle of the document...

Gireesha Nema. Mr. Animesh Sarkar and Mr. Raghavan KV helped me get under way with studying the ITC organization and helped me initiate contacts that helped me with my on the ground research.

Deliverables and Scope Of Study

Clear understanding of work practices and recommend changes

Improving 3rd party practice inline with TM&D imperatives

Study of current evaluation framework and recommend improvements

The project was divided into 4 domain areas: Roles and Responsibility • Study of roles and responsibilities of Promoters and Merchandisers • Enhance more consumer contact & induce sell-out Data Structure and Reports • Actionable Reports: Focus approach to achieve better deliverables • Flag Areas of Concern • New Horizon: Category Adjacency and Shelf Position Trend line

Training Structure
• Training module: current, new manpower • Capability enhancement aids • Monthly and Mid Month Meet for Review Dynamics

• Generate Employee Evaluation metrics • Generate Monthly PPMS Evaluation score-card • Generate Quarterly PPMS Evaluation Dashboard

Each Domain Area was picked separately and a thorough understanding, analysis and subsequent changes were suggested for each. Hence, at the end results were compiled and benefits were presented to the Head of Modern Trade. The Project evolved in 4 stages: 1. Stage 1 : Understanding of the MODERN TRADE STRUCTURE OF ITC and Competition 2. Stage 2: Areas Of Improvement 3. Stage 3: Recommendations 4. Stage 4: Result and Analysis

Roles and Responsibilities
Personnel Involved in a Modern Trade Outlets and their Deployment is categorized as:

Volume 1 Store: PROMOTER Promoter Objective: To Optimize Sell-out Time for higher Consumer Contact Their Key Imperatives are : 1. Increase Sell Out Time and Data Capture Their Current Activities Include: 1. Merchandising 2. Data Capture 3. Sell-Out Hence, a Time Chart Was prepared

Promoter Pre-Pilot
11% 11% 5% 10%

Promo Impl Data Capture Foods

Time Out Facings


Based on In-store Observation and Competition Practices, the Roles and Responsibilities were streamlined and...

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