Report On The Use Of Facebook In The Organisation Including A Code Of Practice For Its Use

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Dear Manager.
With over 1 billion users, Facebook has quickly become one of the top websites in the world. People are spending more time on Facebook than they are on Google, which means that there are some serious opportunities available that could help your business grow.
The organisation I have chosen to do my report on the use of Facebook is on a Bar, The Cross Bar. I intend to give you a detailed briefing on how to sign up and create your own Facebook page. This report will also show you how to use Facebook to benefit you and the Bar throughout ways of advertising and marketing. Facebook is an excellent way to connect with new customers along with existing customers. I ...view middle of the document... and you can set up an account which is quick and easy)


Date of Birth

Security check

Read terms and conditions and if you agree click the appropriate box then click sign up now.

“Confirm your email address” will pop up so all you have to do with this is sign in to your already existing account or your new one in which you have signed up to for the organisation and confirm that you got the email from Facebook .

Click link in your email to confirm you have signed up to get onto your new Facebook page.

This will bring you on to “Set up The Cross Bar” There will be four headings on this page which will consist of Profile picture, About fill in description, Facebook web and address and enable ads(skip).
On the Profile picture heading it will give you a option to either upload from your computer or import from a website. In this you can either choose a picture from your computer or from any website of your choice. This must be done as you can’t proceed without a profile picture. The next heading will be About fill in description which you can skip along with the other two headings listed as there is a better icon on the Facebook page which goes into greater detail of how customise your page.
Welcome to Facebook
On the top right there will be a tool bar which will say “Help” click into it and click the “Get Started tab”. This shows you step by step how to customise your page. It will get you to fill out your page this will consist of basis info. It will also show you how to build your audience which will be inviting friends and finally there will be post engaging content so when people like or comment on your posts, their friends can see them connecting with your Page. You can get important new likes and customers through this kind of word-of-mouth marketing.

Ethical implications of using Facebook
Facebook offers new possibilities to obtain and manipulate information. It raises ethical issues on following and reporting of users data. Privacy and property are serious issues in using Facebook.
The advantages of ethical behaviour include:

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