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Requirements Essay

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Computerized accounting

Practice set

(For Netsuite User)

William T. Sucuahi


Information is one of the vital resources of a company. The accounting department is the biggest contributor of this information in the entire enterprise. The information provider should provide timely and precise information to make good decisions. As computer applications became main stream, transforming data into information has gradually migrated into computerized spreadsheets. Gradually, accounting systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates business process to provide user the best information they can use. The technological development today like the internet makes ...view middle of the document...

This practice set provides the students' good material to practice computerized accounting using Netsuite. The students are expected to generate the following reports and schedules: 1. Statement of Financial Position 2. Income Statement 3. Statement of Cash Flow 4. Sales per customer 5. Sales per products 6. Customer Balances Summary 7. Vendors Balances Summary 8. Payroll Summary To use the material, assume that you are assigned in the accounting department of the company. To begin read first the general instructions. General Instructions 1. Enter company information. 2. Setup the company.

3. Create chart of accounts. 4. Create Vendors List. 5. Create Customers List. 6. Create Items List. 7. Create Fixed Assets List 8. Work on the daily transactions. Place a tick mark in every transaction.

Vendor Name Example: DYBI

PO No. Item 3 Best – Cola Best – Orange

Qty. 7200 7200


9. Instructor should check the weekly progress.

Chapter 1 Getting Started Company The company is engaged in wholesaling food products and selling shoes over the internet. In addition, the company operates from Monday to Friday only to give the employees time to spend with their family and perhaps be engaged in other productive livelihood activities (e.g. gardening, farming, etc.). In recording disbursements, the company uses the voucher system. Moreover, perpetual system is used in recording the inventories. In addition, Ezekiel the owner of the company is a married person and has two dependent children.

LOGGING IN Open any web browser (recommended Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and go to

Fig. 1

Click Customer Login and you will redirected to customer login page (Fig. 2). Enter your email address and the password.

Fig. 2 Once logged in you will be asked to provide security features and to change your default password.

USER INTERFACE The NetSuite interface contains center, dashboard and portlets. Each user has a variety set of tabbed pages, called center. The center varies from user to user depending on their role in company. The one shown above is the center of an administrator. But there are pages that is common to each user and that is Home, Activities, Document and Setup.




Meanwhile, dashboard is a collection of real-time data relevant to the page and to the role of the user viewing the page. Dashboard content is displayed in a variety of portlets, dynamic data display windows. Some portlets provide direct access to raw data, while others display data that

has been synthesized into critical business metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), performance scorecards, trend graphs, and report snapshots. Other portlets allow you to display data from Web site RSS feeds.

Personalized Dashboard To edit the dashboard follow steps listed below: 1. 2. Click Personalize Dashboard located in the Settings portlet. Click Calendar, this time the calendar now has a check...

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