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Considering American ethics and values, the killing of unborn fetuses is
morally wrong, having an abortion is an unsafe procedure, abortion clinics
depend on taxpayers to run their clinics, this unethical practice of terminated
unborn fetuses should be outlawed.
Abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life becomes
official. This controversy will remain for centuries, however the fact that a
potential life has ended before given a chance remains evidence enough for
most people to understand why a person should never have a choice of
whether a baby lives or dies. (John Paul II, 1997, p. 18) There are many
reasons abortions should ...view middle of the document...

Abortion is murder no matter when a person believes life begins. The seed
that God plants should never be taken for granted or misused. (American Life
League and Anonymous, 1995, pg. 134-135) These actions result in distress
for not only the pregnant woman, but also her family. Though she may not
tell anyone, eventually the truth reveals itself through circumstance, guilt, or
mistake. Speaking with other people who have either gone through this or
have a family member who had an abortion allows this woman to get in touch
with the reality of her decision. One of the most important reasons abortion
should be illegal beyond the fact that it terminates life is that most women
have regret and life complications due to this action. By eliminating this
possibility, society eliminates future problems. (Andryszewski, 1996, pg.

Many government programs exist in order to empower, protect, and
support women with unplanned pregnancies. There are many reasons a
woman may have an unplanned pregnancy, but none justify terminating the
pregnancy. Understanding the biology of the developing fetus further allows
for strong arguments to develop concerning why abortion is murder. So many
stories describing the human characteristics of these aborted babies remain
untold therefore the uneducated woman continues the growing statistics of
this action. (Patricia E. Bauer, 2005, pg. 25) Though it is easy to envision
lower-class minority women filling the statistics of abortion, studies show
that the majority of women succeeding in this action are in the upper-class
population. These statistics are not clear concerning the amount of rape

Empowering women concerning how to take care of as well conduct
themselves in order to minimize incident lowers the statistics of rape, thus
lowering statistics of abortion. Voluntary pregnancy termination remains
wrong no matter how a woman gets pregnant. Taking 9 months out of a
woman’s life does not remotely compare to the elimination of 80 years of
someone else’s. In addition, the responsibility a woman takes for deciding life
or death of a baby remains unethical and mentally devastating no matter what
type of upbringing she had.(Andryszewski, 1996, pg. 132)
This type of education can come from pastoral influence, government programming, or strong support systems composed of family and friends. The
importance of meeting other...

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