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Research Methods Essay

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Social Psychology is branch of psychology which has long history and its relatively young in the field of science community. Social psychology is somewhat misunderstood because of the fact that some believe it overlaps with clinical and sociology due to personal development and mental well being of individual. It can be said that social psychology has different branches and field for example, Forensic psychology is the subfield of social psychology that deals with the searches of mind and behavior of criminals in collaboration with judicial and law enforcement system. Stanford prison experiment was the ...view middle of the document...

Apart from this when compared to personality psychology, Social psychology lays less emphasis on individual difference and more on individuals as to how they view and effect one another. This field uses three major fields of research which are experimental, correlational and survey research. In this each field relates to individuals and there aspects of life.

Social Psychology and Other Discipline

Social psychology is often compared to other discipline by mistaken that is clinical psychology, general psychology and sociology. When it comes to personality psychology it relates to understanding of personality and how it varies from individual to individual. What makes up the personality is the different thoughts, feelings and behavior. Sociology on the contrary includes study of relationships among individual and the group life which is mistaken for social psychology. Clinical psychology means integrating clinical knowledge to understand and resolve psychological dysfunction, this fields deals with the patients who are extremely disturbed and are on the verge of institutionalized, for this problem they seek psychological care. This can be seen that all these studies deal with the individuals but social psychology deals with the use of scientific method to explain behavior of individuals.

Role of Research in Social Psychology

Research is important in almost all parts whether its business, engineering, business etc . This is because with the help of research, an insight could be easily known and greater knowledge can be achieved. In social psychology research is very important . Social psychology includes three main research that is
* Experimental Research
* Survey Research
* Correlational Research

Experimental research deals with the cause and effect relationship. There are two variables , One is held constant and one is independent variable. Moreover its the casual relationship between the variables. In this research the baseline is the control group and the experimental group will manipulate the independent variables for the measurement of effects. An example ...

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