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Research Proposal Essay

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Topic: Impact of hot Desking on the Performance of the Employees
Research Aim
The aim of this research is to explore if the concept of hot Desking is a helpful technique which increases the productivity of an employee and helps in the cost savings for the organizations. The paper would discuss the use of hot Desking at different companies and the survey questionnaires, and interviews are conducted for the employees of different companies that would identify the importance of the concept of hot Desking.
Research Objectives
According to the research aim that is mentioned above, the research objectives have been set to achieve the desired outcomes. The first objective is to understand the ...view middle of the document...

The following chapter thus discusses theories and studies to support the above-mentioned facts (Fleming 2011).
Hot Desking and cost-saving
Roberta (2009) argues that Hot Desking has emerged to become a new management technique in the organization in the late 1980’s because it is relatively a new approach that has shaped the modern era of management. This new technique has resulted in a cost saving for the organization in a way that even highly mobile workers are allowed to share the same desk to carry out their official work rather than allocating a separate desk. It also reduces the ability of an organization to mark status and breakdown hierarchy. “This technique has allowed a higher utilization of the office space and greater flexibility because of the shared workstation which would help organizations to save costs” (Julie 2007). Hayman (2009) indicates that it is in the nature of the sales staff personnel to spend the majority of their time in working outside the premises of the offices, so their workstation can efficiently be utilized by the other sales staff members in order to maximize utilization.
The implication and magnitude of relevance for this management technique has increased again in recent times because of the increasing macroeconomic pressures and financial recession which has mounted the need for organizations to cut down on their overheads (Carl 2011).
In more literal terms, hot desks are “small, utilitarian desks with phones and data connections, with just enough room for employees to work with their computers and any paperwork” (Brendan 2004). This is a kind of satellite office technique whereby employees in an office space share the printers and photocopiers. Since the workstation is a shared device, ID tags are used to provide each “visitor” to the system with a unique access to the workstation (Huff, Sproull and Kiesler 1989).
Hot Desking with greater utilization and flexibility
Modern techniques like hot Desking have emerged not only as a cost-cutting solution, but also to provide organizations with greater flexibility to respond to the changing economic conditions as the economic cycle becomes more volatile (Hayman 2009). Hence, hot Desking provides a unique opportunity for management to downsize without cutting on the amount of work done in the office space (Tsai 2011).
The move towards a paperless economy has initiated practices that involve wireless connections, mobile devices, handheld devices and laptops in order to minimize organizational waste and long chains of bureaucracy (Kenneth 2007). This has given rise to a greater utilization of office space and managed human resources. The upsurge of freelance workers has also increased the hot Desking trend in the recent years whereby workers can operate from their homes thus categorizing the hot Desking employees into two broad categories. One is the concept of hot Desking from home and second is the hot Desking on the move.
In both scenarios, hot Desking...

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