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Research, Statistics, & Psychology Paper

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Research, Statistics, & Psychology

January 9, 2012

Research, Statistics & Psychology

The scientific, objective, and the methodic gathering of information for a theory
is research. Statistics is collection of data, interpretation, the analysis, and presentation of the data.
Statistical data is the important part to any good research. Psychology, statistics is the method
of pursuing the truth (Aron, ...view middle of the document...

The process of the scientific method has steps to follow when doing a research. It depends
on the source that has many ranges of numbers of steps in the scientific method. The method, no
matter how many number of steps, the method goes through the same process of
gathering and testing of the information. The models for the scientific method have
seven, or eight steps to follow. The first step is to define the question, and the second step is
to observe , and gather the information. Then the third step in of the scientific method is to form
an hypothesis. Then perform experiments and collect the data for the fourth step, and the fifth
step is to analyze the data. After analyzing the data, the sixth step is to interpret the data and
then draw a conclusion from the data. The seventh step of the scientific method is to
report the results of the data, and the eight and last step is to retest. All of the steps,
it is convenient to repeat steps three through six, continuously to form new hypothesis and
conduct the refined experiments. Steps four and five are the important steps when discussing
the statistics. Doing the scientific research, collecting massive amounts of data is common for
scientific research. Statistics gives the researcher the tools to mathematically study and organize
data collected in the research.

Primary and Secondary Data

It is easy to define the difference between the primary and secondary data, and the primary
data is the information collected by the researcher directly, firsthand, through his or her own
experiments. The secondary data is the data collected from outside sources. This
means information done by others is an outside source.

Primary Data
Primary data has multiple ways for researchers to gather their information. An individual can
directly use observation method for collecting primary data, but there are many other sources for
collecting the data. Interviews, surveys, and logs are primary sources (Kelly, 2005).
The primary data is more reliable because the researcher knows where the information came
from and what was done to get the information.

Secondary Data

Secondary data is...

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