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Resistance Essay

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The term resistance to change simply means that individuals are set in his or her ways and often don’t want to modify his or her routing. However, this change resistance doesn’t just occur when individuals who like their jobs are asked to make a change. Resistance even happens when individuals are chronically upset with their working conditions. For them, the known evil is preferable to the unknown. For anyone to resist a change, there obviously has to be a change. These new conditions are the events that occur around us every day. And these events, big or small, good or bad, invariably lead to some result.
However, it is important to distinguish between the symptoms of resistance to ...view middle of the document...

Then keep repeating this until they have either bought in or given in.
According to Jager (2001), supervisors often perceive resistance negatively, and employees who resist are viewed as disobedient and obstacles the company must overcome in order to achieve the new goals. However in certain instances, employee resistance may play a positive and useful role in a company changes.
The process of any change is simply moving from the current way of doing things to a new and different way of doing things. It isn’t the actual change that people resist, but rather the transition that must be made to accommodate the change. Bridges (1991) thought that change is not the same as transition. But change is situational: the new boss, the new team roles, and new policy. Transition is the psychological process individuals go through to come to terms with the new situation. Change is external, transitions are internal. Unless transition occurs, change will not work.
Employee resistance to change is a complex issue facing management in the complex of any company. The process of change is ever-present, and employee resistance has been...

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