Respiratory Disease Paper

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Respiratory Disease Paper
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Respiratory Disease Paper
There are several types of respiratory diseases that not only affect, but claim the lives of people in the United States each year; “COPD” Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Lung cancer, Emphysema, and Pneumonia to name a few. Since smoking ban laws were enforced in public places lung cancer and its cause has become a controversial issue; this is why I chose lung cancer as the primary topic of respiratory disease. In this paper I will discuss lung cancers primary, secondary, and tertiary state as well as what makes it classified as such. I will also address the impact of ...view middle of the document...

ACS; (2005) Lung cancer is comprised of two types primary, and secondary; primary lung cancer begins in the lung itself where secondary cancer starts somewhere else in the body and spreads to the lungs. Out of the number of people who are diagnosed each year about one fourth of these lung cancers are small cell which is very aggressive and can spread to other organs of the body in a short period of time; this type of cancer is usually found in heavy smokers. Non-small cell cancers account for the other 75% of people who are diagnosed each year. “American Cancer Society” (2005)
Lung cancer is commonly diagnosed in people aged 50 and older and is very rarely diagnosed in younger adults. Although lung cancer has decreased in the number of men it has increased in the number of woman; this could be due to the number of female smokers. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer; 90% of all lung cancers diagnosed could be prevented if people would give up tobacco. In 1987, lung cancer replaced breast cancer as the number one cancer killer of woman in the U.S. Marijuana cigarettes were also considered as a risk for developing lung cancer; this is because there is more tar in marijuana cigarettes and the smoke is inhaled deeper and held longer in the lungs. Exposure to toxic chemicals has also been linked to certain types of lung cancers; studies show that people who work in asbestos are seven times more likely to die of lung cancer as a result. Even though there is no exact known cause of lung cancer people with a family history are at a greater risk of getting the disease.
Symptoms related to lung cancer range from a persistent cough, shortness of breath, loss of appetite or weight, fatigue, reoccurring lung infections, and swelling of the face and neck. Physical exams and special imaging such as CT scans, Pet scans, and MRI’s are used as a method of diagnosing lung cancer; lung biopsy’s and sputum analysis can also be used for diagnosis. The cost for CT tests was reported as being $400.00...

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