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Review Essay

820 words - 4 pages

Peer Review Sheet
Your name: _______Tina M Shaw_________________________________________________
Paper author’s name: __Michael Poynter Jr.____________________________________________
Assignment: _________Week 3 _______________________________________________
In order to review the beginning, middle, and end of your classmate’s paper:
1. Read these questions first.
2. Read each part of your classmate’s essay (beginning, middle, and end).
3. Answer the questions and include quotations from your classmate’s paper to explain your answers.
A. Does the essay’s title make you want to read more? Yes Why or why not? Very short and making me wonder what the article is about.
...view middle of the document...

Based on only the middle of the essay, what is the subject? Comparing Comic to Prime time How does the middle of the essay match or not match the introduction? No. How could the writer make the introduction and rest of the essay go together well? To me I was expecting to hear more about his favorite character not just a show review. I was thinking Maybe some more info on this dark Batman type.
B. Looking back at the essay’s introduction, did the specific points there appear in the body of the essay? Yes How could the writer make sure that the essay develops the points mentioned in the introduction? The points had been made however I think they should have been a little more separate. Much seem to run together between the characters and or villains.
C. Are the main points in the essay in the same order you predicted from the essay’s introduction? No How could the writer better organize the main points? I think the differences were made however in a semi confusing way. They seem very mixed together or choppy. Maybe all villains the all the others not all together,
D. Does each paragraph contain one idea? For the most part yes. Is the main idea of each paragraph stated at its beginning? I think yes hey are stated. Howvever it just doesn’t flow as easy after the first paragraph. Suggest some ways that the writer might better organize ideas in the paragraphs. Describe each...

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