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Rhyme Essay

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J- Kungfu Fast Food Chains
Export Business Plan
(J- Kungfu Fast Food Chains Ltda.)

A final report
submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the course of Intercultural Communication in Business

Collaborated by
Group Seven Candidate, 08 Class C、B、H Business Communication,06 Class A Translation
梁景衡08319296 赵必进08319290
邓天添08319321 张玉梨08319446
陈一楠08319328 陈阳 06320032
徐昱 08319287 张韵 08319398

Instructor: 向蔓

School of International Studies
Sun Yat-sen ...view middle of the document...

• To eventually promote all kinds of steamed food in New York in the second full year of operation .

• To achieve a 30% market share on the American market .

• To achieve a 40% profit margin by year three.

1.2 Mission

J-Kungfu fast food brand offers nutritious steamed food in the United States - initially in New York. The restaurant will build its image as a authentic Chinese food restaurant first, and then will begin to compete with KFC and McDonald’s, and finally takes up a large market share to spread Chinese flavor. We value our relationships with current and future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed service quality. Besides exploiting the overseas market, we have another lofty mission that is to promoting culture understanding and exchange between China and U.S. by preaching one of the essences of Chinese culture.

1.3 Keys to Success

To succeed must:

• Design and offer high quality services.

• Achieve 100% customer satisfaction and effectively communicating to current and potential customers.

• Build brand image and brand equity through marketing.

Company Summary

Unlike western food brand KFC and McDonald’s, J-Kungfu puts high premium on real Chinese flavor, mainly on steamed food which will be the weapon to march into American market initiatively through New York.

2.1 Company Ownership

J-Kungfu is a private-owned Chinese fast-food chain established in April, 1994 by Dabiao Cai and Yuhai Xu. Originated in Dongguan, China, J-Kungfu owns 335 direct-branches in China according to the latest statistics released on November 11th 2009[1]. It is now making effort to march into New York as a basic step to sweep through America.

2.2 Company History

In April 14th, 1994, Dabiao Cai and Yuhai Xu opened a passing-drivers-positioned restaurant named 168 implicating more wealth ahead, alongside the road of Dongguan, China . Sooner it became famous for its low price and delicious steamed food. People specially made their way to 168 in an attempt to test the delicacy. Cai and Xu opened another restaurant after half a year and earned more profit. Due to the shortage of cooking standards, they stopped opening the third restaurant but to think about the modernization of cooking like McDonald’s. In 1997, they brought in a steaming machine created by professors in South China University of Technology thus realizing the goal of “one flavor in thousands of set menus” as KFC and McDonald’s. At the same time, they opened a new restaurant named Double Seed. In 1999, breaking the limit of Dongguan, Double Seed entered Guangzhou and Shenzhen but met difficulties that few people stepped into it. After a comprehensive research on the market, the board changed the name Double Seed to J-Kungfu with a logo Lee Bruce as a symbol of real Chinese food. What’s more, it raised the prices as high as those in McDonald’s and KFC, which, in another way, pulled its food...

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