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Riordan Essay

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January 6, 2010
Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing has placed a service request for all manufacturing locations to gain an overview about all existing software applications in Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Legal and Information Technology. All the listed areas within the organization are using various business systems of which each of them represents challenges. The organization is in an urgent need to identify what is needed to improve effectiveness in those areas.
The success of Craegmoor's newly remodeled rewards program was attributed to successful interoffice communication of the program, which included an email address, area ...view middle of the document...

Riordan Manufacturing can use the information obtained from this benchmarking assignment to determine its employee's motivational needs and using the knowledge it gains to successfully motivate its mid-tier and low performers, while rewarding its highest performers for achieving organizational goals and objectives. According to Dreher & Dougherty, 'Employees perceive a set of distinct outcomes as individually linked to the performing of the behavior. Each of these potential linkages has some level of certainty or probability in the employee's perception (Dreher & Dougherty, p. 35). If Riordan employees continue to perceive the current rewards system as being unfair the high achievers may fail to continue on a path that leads to organizational success and its mid-tier and low performers may not be motivated to change their behavior.
Motivation is particularly important for Riordan Manufacturing due to its new teamwork philosophy. Motivating such a diverse staff with different perspectives on rewards and motivation can prove to be difficult for any organization. Riordan would be best served by giving the employees a say in the types of rewards systems offered, so that the staff will remain satisfied and the organization will please even its most cost conscious customers. 'In general,...

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