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Riordan Hr Service Request Bsa375 Essay

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Riordan Human Resources Service Request

Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley has submitted a service request to acquire software that unifies the operations of Human Resources. Currently implemented is an HRIS which is disjointed, using multiple formats and platforms that are stored locally and not in a centralized database. This organizational structure causes delays in data processing, report generation, information acquisition, and decision making. The organizational chaos immediately creates issues and unnecessary work load on the Human Resources staff and their superiors they report to, such as the Hugh McCauley. The first task in defining software feature requirements is speaking with the Human Resource department, payroll, accounting, legal, and upper level management. Each of these roles requires specific forms of information generated by the Human Resources department. The software performs functions ...view middle of the document...

With this new HRIS implementation, my approach requires individual interviews for defining role-based needs. A compilation of the role needs presented in an information flow chart is required for the group interview. The structure of the interview begins with the interviewer describing the flow of the chart in high-level perspective. The detail gathering at this process requires special attention on the connection between the roles. It is imperative that details concerning the type of data flowing from one role to another is seamless and meets each other’s requirements.
Key factors in determining accuracy of the information gathered is by helping each stakeholder understand and recognize the types and levels of information coming from and going to them. At the end of each information gathering cycle, a comprehensive review of each role’s requirements will be repeated to the corresponding stakeholder to ensure criteria are met. Change request procedures will be made clear to the stakeholders by informing them the possibility of priority change requests being processed at different phases of the development cycle. Interview questions will be specific and eliminate any ambiguous terms such as “short”, “few”, “some”, etc. Requirements are clear and unambiguous. Additional avenues for gathering role-based requirements will be analyzing company procedures and responsibilities assigned to each role.
The scope of this project requires a definition of the requirements derived by the Human Resources department. Scope will determine the costs & time the project takes. Scope will change as the requirements become more defined due to people having different perceptions of what is required. This is to be expected, the chief operations officer may request a document from human resources and think that only five reports need to be compiled by HR, when in fact it is eight reports. Developing the requirements builds a scope for the project, clears any misunderstandings by highlighting discrepancies, and allows for calculation of time and investment into the project. This is also referred to as project feasibility. Setting specific project goals that define functions and operations for a successful completion is done after scope development.

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