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Robin Hood Essay

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Robin Hood Case Study
John Doe
University of Michigan
Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs
GM 607A
Instructor: Mr. Thomas
April 21, 2012

Mr. Robin Hood, in analyzing your current situation I have devised a plan to help you proceed in light of the current situation you and your band of Merrymen are faced with at this time. The first steps I took in analyzing your situation were to determine your competitive strategy for your group. I determined based on research that your current competitive approach was a differentiation strategy. You rob from the rich and give to the poor, which differentiates your group from its competitors in Nottingham who do the ...view middle of the document...

Travelers in general, especially those with the most to lose are looking at other alternative routes besides traveling through the forest because of their fear of having their goods taken by your band of Merrymen. Travelers continuing to utilizing alternative travel routes could result in declines in the revenue stream for your group and create challenges.
There is also a major problem on the horizon with ensuring that all the Merrymen are trained on their archery proficiency and also making sure that all the men are being consistent in adhering to the discipline policy passed down by Robin. Robin has also pondered how he could end the crusade and finally stop the Sheriff from collecting taxes from the farmers and townspeople, before the Sheriff’s forces become strong enough to deliver a final knock out blow to Robin and his band of Merrymen resulting in the end of their crusade for justice and equality.
So, with all the problems that are facing Robin Hood and his band of Merrymen, the overall mission/competitive strategy of the group to “rob from the rich and give to the poor” is in need of a new revised plan. The travelers are utilizing alternative routes to travel and not putting themselves in vurnable situations of getting assaulted and robbed by Robin and his band members. The Sheriff is also starting to again regain power in regards to more man power and added resources to combat Robin Hood.
Robin mentioned to me that he initially started his mission to revolt against the Sheriff in hopes of having him removed from office as a result of the unrest that Robin and his band created throughout the country. However, this again was not the case with the Sheriff gaining momentum as of late. The barons have also approached Robin to join in an effort to free King Richard from prison, which will result in Prince John’s removal from power. In exchange Robin will also receive future amnesty.
Initially Robin’s mission was to again “rob from the rich and give to the poor” in hopes of having the Sheriff removed from his role and eliminate the unethical practices that were being brought against the town’s people and farmers. This mission has been in question and in my opinion a revision is necessary to keep on track with the goal. The proposed new mission for Robin Hood and his band of Merrrymen should be to “eliminate both King John and the Sheriff from ruling in Nottingham”. In addition to a revised mission, the band of Merrymen should institute some new goals regarding their discipline and food shortage issues while the new mission is being executed. The managers of the bands will set an objective to go out and recruit a few more band members specifically well versed in farming and hunting skills to address the food shortage issues.
The other objective that needs to be carried out by the lieutenants of the band of Merrymen is to institute a discipline policy and give band members a two occurrence maximum before they are...

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