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Role Of Human Resource Manager In An Organisation

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The Strategic Role of Human
Resource Management
The strategic role of Human
Resource Management
How Human Resource function
has changed from past to today?
Human Resource function in the
The role of the HR professional is
changing. In the past, HR
managers were often viewed as
the systematizing, policing arm
of executive management. Their
role was more closely aligned
with personnel and
administration functions that
were viewed by the organization
as paperwork.
When you consider that the
initial ...view middle of the document...

While some
need for this role occasionally
remains — you wouldn’t want
every manager putting his own
spin on a sexual harassment
policy, as an example — much of
the HR role is transforming itself.
Human Resource Function now
The role of the HR manager must
parallel the needs of his or her
changing organization.
Successful organizations are
becoming more adaptable,
resilient, quick to change
direction, and customer-
Within this environment, the HR
professional, who is considered
necessary by line managers, is a
strategic partner, an employee
sponsor or advocate and a
change mentor. At the same time,
especially the HR Generalist, still
has responsibility for employee
benefits administration, often
payroll, and employee
paperwork, especially in the
absence of an HR Assistant.
Depending on the size of the
organization, the HR manager
has responsibility for all of the
functions that deal with the
needs and activities of the
organization's people including
these areas of responsibility.
• Recruiting.
• Hiring.
• Training.
• Organization Development.
• Communication.
• Performance Management.
• Coaching....

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