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Role Of Manager Essay

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Role of Manager: (select any manager (marketing/general/ finance)) 1. Briefly, describe the requirements of the job. Include formal requirements (such as those that may be detailed in a position/job description), and less formal requirements (for example, particular personality characteristics you think are important).

2. Identify (list) other individuals or groups from inside and/or outside the organisation with whom you interact who are important to your job. These could include your staff (perhaps of various categories), your supervisor, peers, clients/customers, suppliers, regulators and so on. Specify THE PEOPLE, not just the organisation or department, for example, ‘Mary Ann, Human Resources Manager’, ‘Counter Staff in the ...view middle of the document...

(This description could include such things as formal organisational position, demographics such as age or gender, personality, or pattern of interaction with you.) If you have only identified people inside your own organisation, you should briefly explain why people outside your organisation have not been considered.
4. Briefly describe the nature of the interdependency that exists between you and these critical groups or individuals. That is: in what way do you rely on each other? What do you expect from these groups and individuals? What do they expect from you? You may wish to include formal concepts of interdependence (eg pooled/sequential/reciprocal) in your analysis, but only do so if it enhances your analysis.
5. Include a diagrammatic representation of these interdependencies. Note this should not be presented as an organisational chart. A typical format for this diagram would consist of you as the focus or centre with the groups and individuals with whom you interact arranged around you. You are welcome to supply an organisational chart in addition.
6. Evaluate the interdependent group (that is, the virtual network your diagram represents: yourself and the groups or individuals with whom you must interact) in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency and the satisfaction of those concerned.
7. Make recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of the interdependent group. These recommendations could include such things as the redesign of the structure and work routines of your department or organisation, or preferred changes in the external environment, such as government regulation or changes in other organisations. Please note: you are not being asked to simply evaluate your managerial style or the effectiveness of your department or organisation.

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