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Roles And Functions Essay

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Roles and Functions Paper

HCS 325

Roles and Functions Paper
A health care manager is someone who is in charge of running a medical office or a department within a hospital. Health care managers are responsible for keeping track of the doctors, and other hospital workers, as well as ensuring t hey all have the things necessary to be successful. Health care managers are responsible for keeping their team members informed of what is expected of them, as well as passing along information in ...view middle of the document...

A health care manager must help make disaster plans on how to deal with needing to deal with more patients, as well as how to have the help in the hospital to care for the patients already there should something happen.
From this course I hope to leave with a better understanding of how to plan for, and react in emergency situations. I also expect to learn how to better organize the medical personnel for situations in which a quick response is required. I am hoping to have a better idea on how to plan for disasters and have plans ready to be put into effect when a situation arises.


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