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Rowe Case Study

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1. Discuss how a ROWE-type program would fit in organizations where you have worked. Explain why it would or would not work.

A ROWE type of program would fit in my current organization by implementing more stringent timelines on certain steps of the contract award and management process, and allowing employees to enjoy more time off, as it is stated in the Best Buy case. The problem with implementing these types of timelines, specifically in my organization, would be that many results are dependent on outside factors. Procurement, whether it would be for a service, a commodity, or construction, depends on other people fulfilling their end of the ...view middle of the document...

I also understand many other factors and proper evaluations would be needed to make such a determination. So, technically, I would say a test run of such program would determine whether it would or wouldn’t work. With the people, resources, and current processes it would be impossible to correctly assess, that and the government bureaucracy would not allow it.

2. Identify factors in the ROWE program that might make using it for retail employees more difficult than using it for managers and employees in corporate offices, technical centers, and nonretail and locations.

With increased productivity, as claimed by the ROWE program, employer expectations of outcome by employees may rise, therefore, making the “results” less achievable over time. Also, the retail industry is usually dependent on when the costumer wants to purchase their product, so if the person at the retail store isn’t there when the costumer is there because of “flexible time schedules” than potential sale could be lost. Another factor I see in ROWE being difficult in the retail industry would be because employees would want only certain times of the year to meet results. As far as managers go, success becomes dependent on their employees achieving results and being that employees receive payment based on this, the manager’s job becomes a lot easier to measure and to accomplish.

Human Reource Management, 13th Edition, Mathis & Jackson

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