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S Budgeting Is A Key Component In Managemnent Short And Long Term Planning

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Marketing Plan Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication |

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 3

2. Current Marketing Situation 4
2.1 Market Summary 4
2.2 Competition 6
2.3 Product Offering 7
2.4 SWOT Analysis 9
2.5 Critical Issues 10

3. Market Strategy 10
3.1 Misson 10
3.2 Marketing Objectives 13
3.3 Financial Objectives 13
3.4 Target Market 13
3.5 Positioning 15
3.6 Marketing Mix 15

4. Fiancials 18
4.1 Sales Forecast 18
4.2 Expense Forecast 20

5. Controls 21
5.1 Implementations 21
5.2 Contingency Plan 22

6. Conclusion 23

7. References 24

8. Appendixes 30

1. Executive Summary
In the following ...view middle of the document...

As the smartphones demands increases and the demographic users changes, Sony Ericsson has decided the white collar consumers and those with active lifestyle to be their main focus market. Xperia Ray and Xperia Active; shall be the latest technology smartphones that will satisfy the expectation of its targeted users.

The objectives of Xperia Active and Xperia Ray:
* Brand new image for Sony Ericsson’s smartphones.
* The up-market product where strongly accepted among consumers’ social groups conversational hot topic.
* Sold directly through local telecommunication companies, retalilers and Sony Ericsson website.
* Create awareness via various channel; such as advertising, events and etc.

2. Current Situations

2.1 Market Summary
Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones have been targeting market ranging from young adults to white collars. In this wide range of target markets, Sony Ericsson has produced mobile phones with features that meet the needs of recreational purposes to business phones for a consumer.
Sony Ericsson has identified its target markets by using different market segmentation such as demographic, psychographic and behavioral to get closer to their consumer.

Demographic – Occupation
Users such as managers, directors and sales personnel of a company who requires to check their business emails even when they are on the move. Users in these positions have a certain percentage of spending power thus they have the ability to spend on higher ends mobile phones.

Sony Ericsson focuses on consumers who are experiencers. They seek for new varieties, experience and stylish products that allow them to have a wider social group (Walters 2011). Apart from experiencers, Sony Ericsson also targeted achievers who are successful in their career and have the ability to spend to display their latest smartphones to their social group.

Sony Ericsson is targeting at users who wish to receive specific quality software feature that satisfy their specific needs. Users also wish to enjoy intangible benefits such as to conform to the expectations of others by using social comparison information to choose products and brands or make purchases.

Marketing Needs
Sony Ericsson is providing phones with wide range of rich feature to cater different purposes to their customer’s daily activity. They should seek to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers:

* Product Designs: Besides the functions of the phone, consumers will look at how the phone is being designed. They will choose a phone design that suits their working status in the society (Foged 2010).
* User friendly software designs: In a society where time is money, speed of the phone is essential for consumers to be constantly intact with the society. Phones with high speed processors and long lasting battery life will attract most consumers.
* Customer Service: Human touch, more outlets, good...

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