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Safety Essay

800 words - 4 pages

FACTORS WHICH LEADS TO LESS Accidents at workplace

FACTORS WHICH LEADS TO LESS Accidents at workplace

Hari Teja Reddy Koduru (080)
Puneet Putharan
Sachin Shukla

Hari Teja Reddy Koduru (080)
Puneet Putharan
Sachin Shukla

Abstract 2
Introduction 2
Research Objectives 2
Literature Review 2
Research Methodology 3
Questionnaire Development 3
Profile of Respondents 3
Analysis Method 6
Data Analysis 6
Managerial Implications 6
Conclusion 6
References 6


In a manufacturing industry, Safety is one of the most critical factor.

Research Objectives

Literature Review

At a time when many companies ...view middle of the document...

Subsequent study by Cox, Sue & Tomas in the year 1997 on Safety culture in manufacturing sector is based on a model which supports three scales relating to management action relating to safety, quality of safety training and personal actions for safety.
Gaps in Research:
The earlier studies in this regards were done in silos and took into account only certain functions of the organization (say operations & maintenance, top management) however our study focuses on considering the holistic view of the cumulative role of all the functions viz are Administration (Admin), Human Resource (HR), Operations & Maintenance and Top Management in an organization in manufacturing sector on the safety awareness among the employees and annual number of accidents. Additionally, we will also observe the role/effect of each function on the safety parameters. Also the studies done specifically for manufacturing sector were not based out of India and our research focuses on studies in India.
Conception: Predictive Rationale
To understand the factors which may have an effect on the safety awareness and number of accidents in an organization, it is logical to begin with the factors already considered in the previous researches and common with the study done in silos for the individual functions.
From the existing literatures, we could identify following factors which could be related to the manufacturing sector in Indian context:
* Work Environment (Cox & Cox, 1991)
* Effectiveness of arrangements for Safety (Cox & Cox, 1991)
* Individual responsibility or accountability (Cox & Cox, 1991)
* Personal immunity or the use of personal protective equipment (Cox & Cox, 1991)
* Employee attitude to safety (Cox, Sue &Tomas 1997)
* Quality of Safety...

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