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Same Sex Issues Essay

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Due to the modernizing world, a lot is changing. Same sex couples are fighting for their privileges and acceptance, rights such as same sex marriage, and benefits that straight married couple’s get. Even though same-sex marriage has recently been accepted in Washington by the Defense of Marriage Act on a Wednesday as stated in the article, right after ten in the morning, many other states in America have not yet legalized same-sex marriage. (Banco 2009). Though Washington has successfully accepted same-sex marriage, thirty-seven states still consider same sex marriage illegal (Banco 2009). Something is preventing some individuals, or states to accept same-sex marriage, and this ...view middle of the document...

In the article “As Rulings Are Announced, Cheers and Tears Among Waiting Crowd”, it mentions an individual whose name is Larry Cirignano, a Washington resident from New Jersey, held a sign supporting marriage between a man and a woman. Mr. Cirignano said. “Man plus woman equals marriage. . I think we will continue this discussion across the country for a long time. Thirty-eight states still haven’t made it legal.” (Banco 2009). With the quote above, it clearly states Mr. Crigano argues against same-sex marriage because to him it only seems ideal for a man and a woman to marry each other, and unethical for a marriage between the same sex. He disagrees to same-sex marriage because of his beliefs to what is right, and what is wrong.
National culture is another factor that plays a wide role in the acceptance of new norms. Most of America and Canada has a long history of Christianity, along with other religions that came in over the years which has an important influence on culture. The chairman of the Evangelical Church Alliance, Rev. Robert Schenck, calls the court’s ruling on the marriage act “a bittersweet outcome” in that it took away from the government the capacity to determine the nature of marriage. “We want to preserve marriage to its true nature,” he said, which he defines as men and women uniting to form families ( Banco 2009). As The chairman of the Evangelical Church Alliance, Rev. Robert Schenck symbolizes some of his religious believes in the statement he mentions about the nature of marriage beings men and women uniting to form families. Although, religious and past moral beliefs are not the only factors affecting peoples decisions against same sex marriage.
People like Evangelical Church Alliance, Rev. Robert Schnck, and Larry Cirigano fall under the ethnocentric fallacy. Ethnocentric Fallacy is the idea that our beliefs and behaviours are right and true, while the other people are wrong or misguided, and ethnocentrism is defined as the tendency to judge the beliefs and behaviours of other cultures from the perspective of one’s own. Sociocultural anthropologists find ethnocentric fallacy intellectually and methodologically intolerable . Instead, what if people followed cultural relativism? Cultural relativism is not only the attempt to understand the beliefs and behaviours of other cultures, but also the notion that other cultures should not be judged odd or wrong just because it is different from your own (Robins and Cummings and McGarry and Larkin 2007: 19) . If people like Evangelical Church Alliance, Rev. Robert Schnck, and Larry Cirigano followed the cultural relativism, their approach regarding their decisions would be different; instead they would not be against or judge same-sex marriage in society, and rather attempt to understand it. But again, discussions of cultural relativism...

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