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Sample Essay

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What a great eBook this is. I really loved Matthew’s comfortableness in talking and teaching the material. He makes the student feel at ease and really makes it seem like the content is easily obtainable. I do agree that practice is key and the more you do a certain thing it’ll became second nature. Nothing really beats hands on experience in anything you try to do. I’ve had computer textbooks and ...view middle of the document...

As I listened to Matthew I felt that it was me that could be moving the mouse, and clicking the right tools.
My personal favorite of all videos was How to Choose the Right Color. Even when speaking about it within the chapter and taking us to the various websites for color scheme. When I was designing alone for print I just went with what color I felt was pleasing to me or to someone else. I don’t have a great eye for color but with these sites, I will always go directly to them. I already have colors floating around in my head now for my own site. I also haven’t used the internet too much for research on any one particular item or thought or project. I noticed Matthew used the internet a lot. He would type in any simple thing he needed to know from how to take screenshots to inspiration.
It was really great when he went through a short presentation in Photoshop on taking screenshots and saving those compressed images. It was a very quick easy introduction into Photoshop, as well as, Matthew taking us through the first assignment. Very informative!

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