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Sandwich Blitz Unit 9 Essay

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Unit 9 Assignment

Dear Location Managers,

Great job on trying to manage the extensive amount of customers. Lei and I have heard that the employees are overwhelmed by the volume of customers. Thanks for noticing and reporting the increase of errors in customer orders. Lei and I have decided to adopt an e-customer order system that will allow customers to input their own orders. This would address the issue of employees being overwhelmed by the ...view middle of the document...

We know that making change in technology to automated customer service will be a difficult task but Lei and I are going to be with you the whole step of the way.

Our vision is to decrease the number of errors to a minimum while introducing a new system. I will send you a guidance handbook to operate the new system. Cross-training will definitely have to go into effect, the old employees will have to train the new ones. To touch base with the number of errors, I need that number to decrease to one error a day per employee. Since I know that we just got new equipment the monitoring will go in effect next month. To motivate the employees each month I will give a reward to the ones who have limit number of errors. You should let your employees that you are watching them to ask questions if they have a concern. Please try not to intimidate them. It should be praise an reward.I want them to be able to talk to you about any concern.

Everyone is important in this equation. All managers need to talk to each other and help each other.




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