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Scenario Of An Employee Who Is Dissatisfied With Her Work Environment Work Ethic, And Needs To Find A Way To File A Formal Complaint With A Government Agency

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In this paper, I will be providing a response to a scenario of an employee who is dissatisfied with her work environment work ethic, and needs to find a way to file a formal complaint with a government agency.

Work Ethic
Compare and contrast the rights of employees and the responsibilities of employers in the United States and Europe.
The United States and Europe have strong laws that protect employees. In the United States employers and employees have the responsibilities to each other to uphold the employee rights and responsibility covered under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, which cover all kinds of workplace hazards, discrimination, and unfair ...view middle of the document...

She can experience retaliation from her manager or from her co-workers.
What kind of reaction will Mary get from her supervisors in the United States and Europe?
The reaction that Mary will get from her supervisors in the United States and Europe can be the same depending if she approaches the supervisors in a calm and respectful way and allowing the supervisors to remedy the situation after she has spoken to him and gone over the company policy’s that would kindly remind the supervisors of their responsibility to uphold company policy.
Finally, advise Mary on what course of action she should take.
I would advise Mary to read her company policy’s manual and search for issues that concern her work environment and if she finds that many of these policy’s are being broken she can either take the risk of talking to her supervisors and risk experiencing retaliation from anyone in her company that may not like a whistle blower or search for a company hotline in order to avoid being an outcast.

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