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TABLE OF CONTENTS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------PAGE
1. Schizophrenia--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
2. Symptoms ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
2.1. Positive ...view middle of the document...

How people with schizophrenia can cope with the condition-------------------------7
Family Education----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Joining a support group-------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Staying focused on goals------------------------------------------------------------------------7
Learn relaxation and stress management skills--------------------------------------------8
5. Causes of schizophrenia-------------------------------------------------------------------------8
5.1.Biological factors-----------------------------------------------------------------------------8
Brain structure------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
5.2. Psychological factors----------------------------------------------------------------------9
Individual factors--------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
Family influence---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
Expressed emotions----------------------------------------------------------------------------10
5.3. Sociocultural factors----------------------------------------------------------------------10
6. Treatment of schizophrenia---------------------------------------------------------------10
Institutional approaches----------------------------------------------------------------------12
Cognitive-Behavioral therapy----------------------------------------------------------------12
Positive psychology interventions----------------------------------------------------------13
Well-being therapy-----------------------------------------------------------------------------13
Positive psychology-----------------------------------------------------------------------------13


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Burke (2014) defines schizophrenia as the most common severe and persistent psychotic
disorder which comes in a cluster of symptoms that include disruptions in mood, thoughts,
perception, language and behavior. Tutorial Letter 101 for PYC480 (2015) identifies the
significant loss of contact with reality, referred to as psychosis as the hallmark characteristic of
Schizophrenia. Mueser and McGurk (cited in...

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