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School Essay

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Kelsey Hoppel
Educational Psychology

“A Class Divided Video”

The purpose of this experiment that Ms. Elliot conducted is to show her students in her third grade class what discrimination felt like. Discrimination was so prevalent in the time that this experiment was conducted. Ms. Elliot was trying to start small and do any little possible thing in order to slowly help change what was so wrong in the world. The way she expressed her lesson had an extremely real life feel to what it was like to be discriminated against. One day Ms. Elliot led her third grade class to believe that blue eyed people were better than brown eyed people. The next day she made it the other ...view middle of the document...

The students absolutely hated how they were treated which helped them understand that discrimination is not okay. They knew that they had turned into vicious, nasty, and discriminating children, and didn’t want to stay or be that way.
Ms. Elliot did the same thing with the adult participants only this time she was more intense with the teasing and mistreatment of the people that were necessarily “bad.” For the most part the adults learned the same lessons as the children. They learned how it feels to actually be discriminated against and no one likes that feeling. They learned to take others feelings into account after feeling horrible themselves while it was happening to them. They then understood that no one likes to be treated or teased that way. After the experiment they understood what it was like to be the minority. They didn’t like it at all and that helps them realize not to do it to others.
During the experiment at times the adults felt the same as the students and then at times felt different than the students. Ms. Elliot made the adults so mad that one lady said with all the hostility she had that she could just let it all out on them, meaning the opposite eye color people than she was. Another lady stated that she hated the teacher for what she was putting them through. She said that no one liked to be teased or treated in this matter and that she shouldn’t do this. Many of the adults mimicked the children's responses as to where someone was your best friend one day and then your enemy the next just because of this experiment. They said that it brings out the worst in you just as the students had discovered.
Some adults mentioned that everyone needs a program like this in order to teach that discrimination is...

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