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School And Community Relations Essay

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School and Community Relations

Allison C. Dunlap

EDU 506 Synthesis Project

School-Community relations rely on a planned two-way process that involves internal and external publics. The goal of the communication is to understand the organization, its rules, procedures, and needs. A two-way communication process involves giving information to the community, as well as receiving it. The Assistant Superintendent assumes the role of the Public Relations director in Abbeville County. Her role is to make sure the right person communicates information during specific times and events. The information has to be relayed ...view middle of the document...

When developing a communication policy is essential to outline the goals. The reason for adopting the policy, the action of the plan, methods used to implement the action, and who will be responsible for putting the plan into place should all be thought of before putting the plan into action.

There is no communications policy listed on Abbeville County’s School District. My developed policy statement would read as follows: Wright Middle School, in conjunction with Abbeville County School District strives to create a positive, two-way communications process. Our school board, parents, community, and educators all play an active role in the success of every student. It is our goal to keep the community informed of school procedures, policies, and activities through multiple sources. Information will be readily available through our district’s webpage, as well as our school webpage. Hardcopies of information will be posted throughout the community, and informative emails will be sent to all interested parties. Public concerns will be addressed and are always welcomed. Working together and communicating on a regular basis will help ensure the needs of our students come first.

The mission statement is something that a school or district lives by every day in order to accomplish a goal. The vision is what we would consider perfection. I believe the mission may change over time, but a vision statement usually stays in place. I think we are in trouble if we ever believe we are perfect and don’t need to embrace change. In my opinion having the word “community” stated in the policy is beneficial to all. If there is no vision, there is no specific “vehicle” to reach a goal. Each policy should have a specific purpose, in which all involved parties should relate to and understand. Success is built from goal setting. In order to measure the communications policy my objective would include to have at least fifty to sixty percent of parents attend an informational meeting at the beginning of the year to communicate goals. By the end of the school year, having an additional ten percent of involvement would be ideal. As the policy’s success is practiced and the community feels comfortable in relaying feedback, the amount of support can only increase. The main objective is to make sure that parents and community are aware of the partnership that the school district is striving for. Goals for the plan would include reaching for as many media outlets as possible, updating information as soon as becomes available, and receiving adequate feedback from the community, both positive and negative. To reach these goals it is essential to have the right individuals assigned to these specific responsibilities. Appointing someone who is comfortable handling public relations would be ideal. This person may be the principal, assistant principal, curriculum coordinator, or even a veteran teacher. Media is especially important in the...

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