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School Safety Essay

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When thinking about legal concerns with schools there are a lot of concerns of which schools have to take precaution. When dealing with school records and special education records there is a confidential agreement that certain papers must be sealed and not open to the public. Let’s take a look into what can cause schools to face a lawsuit.

School Safety
One of the most important things about school is safety. Parents above anything want there kids to be safe while at school. When something major happens parents ask: “what did the school do to make sure my child was safe?” Most school has employed a resource officer who makes sure the school is safe for student and staff. ...view middle of the document...

Duties in the morning and afternoon are the times that most violence occurs at school. In the morning teachers late sometimes are late to school and not reporting to there post on time. Teachers feel nothing is going to happen or really do not care about being there that early. Afternoon duties show teachers not reporting because they are tired from a long day and get mixed up in all of the day’s activity and they are ready to go home. No matter if it morning, middle of the day, or afternoon duties, it is not a debate that you do it when you want to it is a fact that it must be done. When something happens and it is found out that there is no supervision the school will face major discipline action. A few years ago that was a situation at a school where a fight happened in the afternoon that left a student with a black eye, swollen face, and a broken nose. All this happen when the school bell rang and the teachers who were supposed to be on duty was not. The fight was with a student that wasn’t going to the school. The parents are very upset and placed a lawsuit against the school and the school system. All of this did not have to happen if only the teacher was at their post.

Liability and Negligence
In the school system the number one thing that will get you fired and in a lawsuit it negligence. No matter how good students act or show maturity we must still remember that they are kids. Parents have given teacher full responsibility when they drop off there child to school for the seven hours that they are there.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a set of school privacy regulations, which forbids parent volunteers from grading another child's work; proscribes school employees from divulging information to someone other than the child's parents about a child's home life, grades or behaviors; and prohibits school work from being posted on a bulletin board with a grade. It also governs how state agencies transmit testing data to federal agencies, and allows students who apply to an educational institution, such as graduate school, permission to view recommendations submitted by others as part of the application.

Parents have the right to inspect and review the student's education records maintained by the school. Schools do not have to provide copies of records unless, it is impossible for parents to review the records. This act is very important because so many parents come into the school and volunteer to help the teacher in the classroom and a lot of teachers do not know this act. Some will get volunteers to check papers to keep them out of their way or to make their life easier as a teacher. With grading student work all students have the right to keep their grades private within themselves. Anyone outside of the school system that checks papers for a teacher places that teacher and the school as liable. This act was put...

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