School Uniforms Friend Or Foe? Essay

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Recent statistics show schools that promote school uniforms are high in attendance but are lacking in academic excellence. History also shows that in cases involving dress code violations and freedom of expression have ruled in favor of the students. School uniforms create an added cost for families and the impact varies among socioeconomic groups. Although some people believe that wearing school uniforms can be a greener alterative and makes better students there is no proof that it provides a safer, more studious environment.
Schools say uniforms promote a more studious environment. Research strongly states that school uniforms promote no self-expression or justifiable increase in grades. ...view middle of the document...

Supporters of uniforms state that having to wear uniforms does not infringe a person’s first amendment right of free speech and one’s right to express themselves. In the article, "School Uniforms,” Julia Wilkins states, “It would take away one of the most fun things that students have to look forward to and that's choosing their wardrobe every day. The students would come to school every day miserable and not cooperate in the learning process.” Individuality would be dead having to wear the same school uniform every day takes away a student’s right to free speech and self-expression which is protected by the first amendment. “In recent history for cases involving the school district dress code and policies vs. students the court has ruled 75 percent in favor of the students. In most of the cases the ruling has been in favor of the students because it involves free speech and right to self-expression which is protected by first amendment of the bill of rights. For example in 1969 the case of Tinker vs. Des Moines the school district ruled that two students were violating the dress code and were causing a disruption when they were seen wearing armbands to protest the Vietnam War. The court ruled in favor of the students stating that the arm bands were a reflection of their first amendment right of freedom of speech and self-expression. After the ruling, the Court made clear that school officials may not ban student expression just because they don't like it—or because they think it might cause conflict. The school must have evidence that the student expression would lead to either a substantial disruption of the school environment or an invasion of the rights of others” (Haynes).
Supporters also state that uniforms are a cheaper and greener alterative to regular clothes. But studies show that they are made of the same material as regular school clothes. As for the cost they are more expensive than...

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