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Science Article Essay

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Biology Article
Introduction to Biology, SCI 115

Biology Article
In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, Angelia Joie, one of Hollywood’s supernova leading ladies revealed that she has a double mastectomy after learning that she carries a mutated version of the gen BRCA1 and had a high risk of breast cancer. On the front page of the article, Jolie was praised for her bravery, beauty, and openness announcing her possible operation and why she had it in the New York Times, (USA TODAY 2013).
“About one in 500 women have a mutation in genes called BRCA1 or BRCA2, which are involved in repairing genetic mistakes”, (USA TODAY 2013). Jolie was predetermined to test for mutation due to her mother’s death from ovarian cancer at age 56. Women who have mutations in BRCA1 normally develop a 54% chance of breast cancer and by the ...view middle of the document...

It is the first mutated gene that scientist have discovered in families with countless cases of breast cancer. Also, ovarian cancer is probable in such families. BRCA2 belongs to the tumor suppressor gene family and both genes are involved in the repairing of DNA. For average women who carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations will have a 60% risk of breast cancer compared to a lifetime risk about 12% for most women, (NIH). Jolie’s mother died at age 56 from ovarian cancer, making her own personal risk of breast cancer is estimated at 87%, (USA TODAY).
Usually, cancer begins with a mutation in a gene whose product is part of the control over the cell increase and distribution. Mutation tests could be expensive, all women are not required to test, it’s best suited for people whose relatives or family histories of breast or ovarian cancer suggest high risk, (USA TODAY). Most insurance policies cover for the genetic testing cost. Surgery does not eliminate the risk for cancer but women who are at a moderate to high risk; a double mastectomy reduces the risk by 90%. Women with 50% chance of ovarian cancer may have BRCA1 mutation, which is frequently fatal.
This article caught my attention because my best friend’s mother like Jolie’s mother died at the age of 56, with ovarian cancer. My best friend also was diagnosed in 2009 with cervical cancer and she has been cancer free since. The article, along with National Health Institute gave me great input on the subject. I am better educated.
In my opinion, saving lives is more important so our taxpayers’ money and government should and continually support for the betterment for the cure of cancer.

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