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Scientific management is an approach that involves using scientific methods - based on proven fact rather than on tradition, rule of thumb, guesswork, precedent, personal opinion, or hearsay and is in opposition to traditional management. (Taylor 1911/1967 cited in Locke,1982, p14). Scientific management is very important when talking about business activities and performing managerial jobs efficiently. But there are still a number of criticisms concerning whether Taylor’s theory can exactly describe the job of managers and be used in today’s management. This essay will first discuss negative articles which aim to show that scientific management do not suit contemporary organisations. ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile, time efficiency was becoming a key issue for industry, as it had been generally throughout American society (Chandler 1977 cited in Zuffo, 2011). However, due to the process of rationalisation and increased competitiveness in USA, it became inevitably involves in financial fraud and an economic system characterized by insufficient competition and oligopolies (Veblen 1904 cited in Zuffo, 2011). Moreover, The Efficiency Movement (Angelici 1928 & Forgeaud & 1929 Bonazzi 1995 & cited in Zuffo, 2011) , culturally influential in Europe, argued that all aspects of the economy, society and government were accompanied by waste and inefficiency, labor force stability, workers activities and remuneration issues , problem of resources being wasted etc. So it can be concluded that since the aim of scientific management is to maximize the efficiency of organisations and workers, it should be modified in order to adapt to social changes. Further, it should be adaptable to the development of economies and globalization with all their problems

In view of the above discuss, there are some negative articles which argue that scientific management does not suit contemporary organisations, as the development of contemporary society becomes more global and business activities become more complicated. There are still some affirmative articles which agree with Locke in thinking that Taylor’s theory is still applicable to modern management and doesn't need to be updated. They argue that the principles of Scientific Management have lasting relevance and global effects, and call for the improved utilization and conservation of human and physical resources. This was so in the context of his era which needed reform management involving industry, arsenals, naval ship yards, government, and education (Nelson 1992 cited in Wren 2011). But, also Taylor's ideas traveled to many countries with varied success. For example, In France, Henry Le Chatelier and Charles de Freminville translated and promoted Taylor's writings and became leading individuals in the acceptance of scientific management. In Germany, the Germans adopted their own brand of work study that was similar Taylor's work (Devinât & Thompson, 1940 cited in Wren 2011). Japan used scientific management in its study and application (Taira 1970 cited in Wren 2011).

Furthermore, in many types of work-related materials Taylor's studies have been used to help each worker optimize his or her personal work, and techniques for achieving efficient division of labor. Taylor's analyses continue to benefit today’s companies. For instance, Job analysis and design can be attributed to scientific management and...

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