Scientific Ethics Essay

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Adrienne McIntosh
Instructor: Stephanie J. Hawkins, Ph.D.
HS5315: Professional & Scientific Ethics
September 7, 2008

For this assignment, submit your Part 2: Analysis of Ethical Dilemma paper to your instructor, who will provide feedback. Papers should be submitted to the assignments section of the course and follow the required guidelines.
In this second part of the project, provide an analysis of a hypothetical ethical dilemma that you have developed. Keep in mind that the hypothetical ethical dilemma you are analyzing should also be within the same work environment that you analyzed and submitted in Unit 5 for Part 1: Analysis of Work ...view middle of the document...

This learner believes that counselors who counsels individuals with developmental disabilities should be skilled and knowledgeable in their field. People with disabilities have special needs that
House of Hope opened its door to care for the less fortunate individuals with mental disabilities; however, over time and with the many cutbacks in the budget adequate treatment towards the clients was not performed. For instance, inadequate counselors were hired to counsel people with mental disabilities. An ethical dilemma was that most of the counselors were bias towards people with mental disabilities, which led misdiagnosing of individuals. Unethical practices such as neglect, and abuse of these individual began to take place. Anthropologists Arch has noted that , “when faced by an interaction that we do not understand, people tends to interpret the others involved as “abnormal”, “weird,” or “wrong”. We all have an internal list of those we still don’t understand, let alone appreciate. We all have biases, even prejudices, toward specific groups. According to (Harris & Maloney, 1996), “every individual in our society is entitled to services that will prevent his/her pain, maintain integrity, enable him/her with realities, stimulate personal growth, and promote a satisfying life”
We communicate in our workplaces, and interact with others, in our community. But do we really understand each other? Culture is often at the root of communication challenges. (Hyatt, J., 2006) “The highest hurdle, of course, has been communication”. Our culture influences how we approach problems with people with mental disability and how we participate in helping people with developmental disability cope within our in communities. This learner believes that there are many challenges that we face due to how we perceive people who are different. Working with people who are developmental disabled helped this learner to examine the many challenges that they faces in our society. This learner also noticed that some of the counselors were afraid to get to close to the clients, due to some of their physical appearances, and behavioral problems. What they fail to realize is that a mental disability is not contagious. However mental disability is not a type of mental illness, like depression. There is no cure for an individual with mental disabilities.

According to (Harris et al., 2007) Cultural competence is a personal and organizational commitment to learn about another and how individual cultural differences affect how we act, feel, and present ourselves The three ways you could improve counseling for the diverse population is to be aware of different culture in your community. Self awareness involves gaining an understanding of the specific things that influence one’s psychological, emotional, and cultural attributes (Thompson, et al., 2007) This learner also believes that a counselor must be knowledgeable about each client culture in order to an...

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