Scope Statement Essay

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1.1 Scope Statement
1.2.1 Objectives
The objective of this project is to move the company to the new site within six weeks before 11th January. Whole project should run fluently and sequentially without violating the rules and contract of other stakeholders in the move.

1.2.2 Deliverables
Product related deliverable
1. Office construction:
2.1. Office will be designed by the foreman.
2.2. Office will be ...view middle of the document...

2.4. Office will be decorated by the subcontracting firm.

2. Electricity installation at site
3.5. The electricity supply installation will be completed by the local electricity company.

3. Move
4.6. The machinery will be dismantled, moved and reassembled at the new site by contractor.
4.7. The office material will be packed, moved and unpacked at the new office by the logistic firm.
4.8. The vessels will be moved to the new site by the contractor.
4.9. The road work will be finished by 10th December by the local council.

1.2.3 Assumptions & Constraints
a. Assumptions
1. Local council can finish the road work by 10th December.
2. The electricity supply can be installed as soon as possible without technical problem.
3. All of the stakeholders can finish their work on schedule.

b. Constraints
1. Whole project should be finished in six weeks because the new owners of the boatyard site intent to start building work on a marina.
2. The access of the new site only available after 10th December since the road works have not yet finished. It implies the moving of machinery and office material cannot be undergone before 10th December.

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