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Search Patterns Essay

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Search Patterns

When a crime has been committed and investigators need to search for evidence, there are different search patterns that investigators can choose from. These search patterns include spiral, line, zone, and grid (Siegel & Mirakovits, 2013). Depending on the crime scene, the investigator will choose from one of these search patterns that will best utilize the search for evidence. When an investigating team needs to search for evidence in a field where the field is overgrown, a grid search is a good search to utilize. When a field is overgrown, the searches may have to crawl on their hands and knees to locate any evidence and perform a thorough search.
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This type of search would be useful because it is somewhat similar to the grid line search. More than one searcher is used and they walk side by side looking for any evidence. They know where the boundaries begin and end.
A successful investigator should have a strong foundation in report writing so the judge, jury, and prosecutor will be able to understand how the crime occurred (Byrd, 2015). The documentation done by the investigator should tell the story of what took place during the crime and should contain only facts of the crime, not opinions, conclusions, or analysis. Another reason to have a strong foundation in report writing is if a case goes cold and another investigator takes over the cold case years later, that investigator will be able to visualize how the crime occurred, understand the evidence that was collected at the scene, and what lab reviewed the evidence that was collected. If an investigator does not have a strong foundation in report writing, then there is a chance that any evidence collected could be inadmissible in court (Byrd, 2015).
The types of information that would be included in the report regarding this investigation would be photographs of the crime scene, notification information, arrival information, scene description, victim description, crime scene team, sketch of the crime scene, and information pertaining to what lab the evidence was transferred to for processing (Miller, n.d.). The investigators opinions, analysis, or conclusions should not be included on the report (Ramirez & Parish-Fisher, 2012). When an investigator includes opinions,...

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