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Security And Privacy Essay

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Security and Privacy
Donetta Bacon
March 14, 2016
HCS 533
Catherine Doughty

Security and Privacy
Case Scenario two takes place in a small town that was hit by hurricane. The concern is the basement of the organization was flooded by the storm. This caused damage to patient files, and some was washed away when the water receded. Developing an idea to address patients who ask about his or her health record is a must. There also has to be a process that is in place in an event, such as a hurricane that protects the records. There will also be a detailed discussion on a management plan. With that comes training provided to staff within the management plan. With a new management ...view middle of the document...

After the hurricane and the possibility of more to come in the following years it would be in the best interest to move to EMR. This plan will be transferring the paper records to EMR following the hurricane. As the administrator of the hospital that is located within an area that is prone to hurricanes the priorities is also placed on prepping the staff for any possible future catastrophes be it hurricanes or other natural disasters.
Training Staff Members
The staff should start using the EMR system as soon as it is implemented. They will have training that shows them how to use the system and how to detect errors when using the system, such as billing mistakes that charge patients too much. Staff will also be trained on privacy issues, as some of the paper records may have gotten out this will be an issue. Privacy training will include Health Information Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. This will advert accidental disclosure of health information in the future. Staff will also have to complete yearly education, this will be mandatory so that they can maintain his or her competency in his or her field within the organization. All of those who will work with managers, directors, information, and executive staff will have to be trained of how to request and access medical information in an event of another catastrophe from the offsite facility.
Processes to Protect Records in Anticipation of Future Events
When the hurricane hit it changed the face of the organization and how it would operate in the future. If they had the EMR system before hand the process would be easier. Water from the flooding ruined the paper charts in the basement of the organization. While cleaning up the flooded basement the paper records would have been incinerated protecting the information that was stored on them and, this is because they were scanned into the EMR system before hand. This makes the information accessible to the patients in the event of a catastrophe so they can obtain his or her medical records.
There is a bulletin that was published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that allows HIPAA privacy and disclosures that are in an emergency situation. This bulletin describes that in an emergency situation, such as a hurricane patient information can be shared so he or she can get the treatment they need. This information also can be shared if it is used to; "identify, locate and notify family members, guardians, or anyone else responsible for the individual’s care of the individual’s location, general condition, or death," (Department of Health & Human Services, 2005, p. 49). The information also can be shared if the patient is in immediate danger or if he or she have agreed to be in the facilities directory (Department of Health & Human Services, 2005).
The Federal Response Plan says "during any presidentially declared disaster in the United States, 12 essential functions might have to be...

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