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Security and Management week 1 conference 1
Since 9/11 security has moved from the periphery to the center, with the Government, Private Organizations, and individual citizens placing more emphasis on the need for Security.

Security services today are sophisticated and complex it involves the use of criminal and civil law, investigations, policy formulation, psychology, and sociology just to name a few. The most important ...view middle of the document...

In an organizational sense security is a function and responsibility that is throughout the operation of all public agencies and private institutions. (Ortemeir 2013 pg. 4-5) The roles of public law enforcement are to keep the peace, maintain order, police public property, and respond to and investigate reported crimes on public, and private property, the public police have no authority to enforce a private organizations policies and procedures. Some of the benefits of Law enforcement, and Security partnerships for example include Law enforcement can prepare private security to assist in emergencies, obtain free training, and services, reduce the numbers of calls for service. Security services providers can gain information from law enforcement regarding threats and crime trends, build law enforcement understanding of corporate needs, enhance law enforcements respect for the security field( U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance). (Ortemeir 2013pg.14)

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