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Security Notes Essay

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Week 1: Lecture 1: Information

* Information
* Information is things that are or can be known about a topic. It is also known as communicable knowledge, which is something you can impart to someone else. It is an unambiguous abstraction of data. Now in the digital sense, the smallest unit of information is a single bit; is the bit on or is the bit off? Now if we go back to the days of landline telephone service, you would call information which would give you a phone number for a subscriber if you describe enough detail who the describer might be. The difference between data and information is that information is knowledge that you get or abstract through processing of data. ...view middle of the document...

* Financial result- you do not like or want financial results to leak prematurely. You also do not want competitors to know that you are doing worse than they are or that they are doing better than you.
* Personnel Data- It wouldn’t be good if it got out that an employee was out on sick leave because they had a mental breakdown
* Salary data is another thing that we would not wan to leak. There is no better way to discourage employees then for them to be able to tell who makes what.
* Healthcare information, if this was leaked people would be able to see who has what health care policy, who met their deductable, who is seeing which doctor and so on.
* Information Classification
* Why do we have to categorize information or classifying information? Well, because different information needs different protection. It is also very hard to protect everything with the same level of protection. If someone did that, it would be very expensive. So, there are different categories of information that require different protections.
* Merger and acquisition information (who is buying out who)
* Proprietary Information
* Executive private information (who is getting a bonus)
* Personnel Information (hiring and firing)
* Health care information (who is pregnant who is not)
* Characterization of Classified Information
* Classified information is a categorization applied to information that a government claims is sensitive information. Which means that the government restricts it by law to a group of people or groups of people and you have to be cleared for that information with a formal security clearance. A formal security clearance is often required to handle classified documents or access to classified data. Now the purpose of classification is to protect information that can be used to endanger or damage national security.
* For example, releasing the plans for an atomic bomb
* Classification defines a state secret and gives you a level of protection that is based on the expected damage that the information could cause in the wrong hands.
* For example, if a spy is outed in a foreign country that could cause harm.
* Government classification
* Top-Secret
* Can cause grave national damage. This is the highest level of classification.
* Secret
* Would cause serious damage
* Confidential
* Would cause damage or prejudicial
* “wiki leaks” scandal
* Restricted
* Would cause undesirable effects.
* Implication and Sample Classifications
* Implication
* The implications of classification...

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