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Self-assessment is a test that is taken so as to strengths and weakness in a certain area. The test is very significance as sit and lets an individual understand what areas they need to improve and what they are good at. Nothing is as important as understanding one’s self. When you understand how you are and how you are likely to behave in a certain situation, you get to understand how you will react to such a situation. In the self-assessment that I took, it was about knowing what an individual’s decision-making style is. Every day we are faced with b circumstances that dictate that we must make decisions. The quality of the decisions that we make plays a role in shaping our lives. According to the assessment, there are four styles that an individual could ...view middle of the document...

Going by the scoring criterion, the style in which an individual had a lot of scoring is the style that they use wherever they are making their decisions. Therefore, my style of decision-making is analytical. I cannot say that I was very surprised by the results. It always occurred to me that whenever I am making any decision, I tend to be analytical. I always consider the available alternatives carefully before making the final decision. I totally do agree with these results as they confirmed what I have always been thinking about my decision-making behavior. I have no changes that I would like to make. The only thing I would do is to keep improving my analytical skills so that I can continue to make the best decisions.
My score would differ with a person who scored more for the directive style. The way we both make our decisions would also differ a lot. For instance, a person who uses the directive style will always prefer to simple solutions for problems, while I on the other hand, would analyze the available information before I make any decision. It would pose some challenges relating with such an individual, especially in cases that require the two of us to make decisions. But I think by combining our diverse skills, the decision made would be the best.
I have personally been involved in a situation where we were to make a decision as a group of three people. It appeared that we had diverse styles of making the decisions, though at that time we did not really understand it. We could not make a conclusion as everyone thought that what they were thinking was the right thing. We ended up giving up on the issue we were to make a decision on. I am sure such differences would affect my first position after graduation but I would be willing to give in to other people’s conclusion to salvage the situation.

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