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self help
* The self help I choose was a NA meeting at noon at Magnolia Park. The reason I choose that meeting is due to the atmosphere and the people.I usto attend this meeting when I as required to go to meetings. I like that meeting because it is at a park and its not in a closed room. The crowed is very welcoming when you go there.
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Today they had 5 newcomers. Which of course are the most important people at the meeting. There were 3 sets of sponsors and sponsee interaction. There were 3 birthday`s. One was a 1 year, one was 5 years, and one amazingingly had 27 years. The recovery was amazing.
* What I like the most about the meeting was the warm welcoming feeling like its a family. They made sure to demonstrate that the newcomers the most important person there. They greet you with open arms and you feel like you beling. I have been to meetings that you don't feel welcome. I would go to the meeting again.
* The things I disliked in the meeting is that there to long. They don't time the people who are sharing so not everyone got a turn. Another thing I disliked was the treasury secretary of the meeting inly had 2 months instead of the 6 months required.
* I would describe the meeting as a family. There very welcoming with open arms. There is no discrimination or judgment on being a newcomers. I will recognize this meeting as to one of the meetings I send my clients to when they live in the area.

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