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Self Respect Nad Dignity For Elderly Resident

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The way Mr Moses was treated by the staff gave me concern see appendix 2
This now gave me an interest into this topic as to acquit myself before escalating the matter.
I was involved in the care for Mr Moses who has diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a chronic lifelong condition that causes memory loss, communication problems, incontinence and neglect of personal hygiene (Prime, 1994 p, 301). Mr Moses neglect of his personal hygiene was profound due to his incontinence condition
Dignity mean “Being treated like I was somebody” (Help the Aged, 2001).Relating dignity in the care Mr Moses, dignity will be define as care given to Mr Moses that ...view middle of the document...

Respect is a summary of courtesy, good communication and taking time (SCIE. 2006). It is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the right, values, beliefs and property of all people (Wikipedia, 2006).Mr Moses being particularly vulnerable because he solely dependent on staff to provide his personal care because of his age , frail and needing assistant to walk (Help the Aged, 2006) should be treated as an individual. He should not be discriminated. Emphasised should be on Procedures during care should be explained to Mr Moses and his care should be person centre rather than task-oriented (Calnan et al, 2005).
The dignity of Mr Len must be respected and protected as a person who is born free, equal in dignity and has basic human right (Amnesty international, 1999).Health service will need to recognise the specific needs of older people in caring for them, demonstrating respect for Mr Len autonomy, privacy during Mr Len care and avoiding poor practice that will deify Mr Moses dignity, such as: allowing him to remain wet and soiled or scolding him (Age Concern, 2008).
The NMC (2008) code of conduct state that the care of Mr Moses should be the nurse first concern, respecting Mr Moses dignity and treating him as an individual. Mr Moses will be approached in a dignified manner, he should be given choice to decide whether or where he want his care to be carried out, demonstrating appropriate communication, sensitivity and interpersonal skill during interaction. Dignity is defy when there is a negative interaction between staff and Mr Moses when freedom to make decision is taken from him (BMJ, 2001). Mr Moses appearance is essential to his self respect; Mr Moses will require support in changing his wet cloth. Mr Moses should not be neglected based on his appearance rather supported to maintain the standard he is used to (SCIE, 2006).
The NMC (2004), also instruct nurse to promote and protect the interest and dignity of service users irrespective of gender, age, race, ability...

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