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Senator Of The Philippines Essay

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Vicente Castelo Sotto III (born August 24, 1948 in Manila, Philippines), also known as Tito Sotto, is an actor, comedian, musician, television presenter, and politician in the Philippines. He served two terms in the Senate, from 1992 to 2004; he is reelected in the Senate in 2010.

Sotto is the brother of Marvic (Vic), Marcelino (Maru), and Valmar (Val) Sotto and a grandson and grandnephew of former Senators (Vicente Y. Sotto and Filemon Sotto).

Vicente C. Sotto III, or “Tito” to many, was born on August 24, 1948, to Marcelino Ojeda Sotto and Dr. Herminia Castelo Sotto, who was a staunch women's rights activist and the first Medical Commissioner of Workmen's Compensation Commission and ...view middle of the document...

The Senator also hosted Brigada Siete, a public affairs program that has garnered citations and trophies from renowned award-giving bodies.

An accomplished sportsman and a member of the Philippine Bowling Team, Senator Sotto has brought home gold medals and honors to the country. He won the National Finals to represent the country at the Bowling World Cup held in Bogota, Colombia, and in Sydney, Australia. At present, as an avid golfer, he has won several tournaments and is a consistent Class A player.

The destined rise of Senator Vicente C. Sotto III from the Vice-Mayoralty position of Quezon City to the Philippine Senate began in 1988 when he ran and won in a landslide victory unprecedented in the history of Quezon City. As Vice-Mayor, he was the presiding officer of the Quezon City Council. He founded the Vice-Mayors League of the Philippines and became its first President and was eventually elected President Emeritus of the League. It was during this term that his pursuit of a drug-free Philippines took form. Because of his crusade to protect the youth against illegal drugs from its pernicious effects, Senator Sotto was named National Vice-Chairman of the Citizen's Drugwatch. He was likewise awarded twice the International Award of Honor by the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association in Florida and California, U.S.A.

1992 marked the year when he entered national politics by overwhelmingly topping the Senatorial Elections. He acquired a total of 11,792,121 votes, a phenomenal achievement for a political neophyte. He is the third Sotto in the family to become part of the Philippine Senate. Before him were his granduncle Senator Filemon Sotto, acknowledged during his time as one of the Seven (7) Wise Men of the Philippine Assembly who served from 1916–1922 and his grandfather Senator Vicente Yap Sotto of Cebu, a maverick senator and author of the Press Freedom Law, who served from 1946-1953.

During his first term, Senator Vicente C. Sotto III served as Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Chairman of the Senate Committees on Local Government and Tourism. He also assumed the Chairmanship of the Senate Committees on Youth and Sports Development; Illegal Drugs; and Rural Development. He was also a member of the Commission on Appointments.

Senator Sotto has successfully sponsored and steered the passage of sixty-one (61) Senate bills as principal sponsor during the Ninth (9th) Tenth (10th) Congress.

These measures include the conversion of a total of twenty-five (25) municipalities into cities such as the cities of Makati, Marikina, Pasig, Parañaque, Muntinlupa and others located in various parts of the Philippines. The increase of cityhood bills after the delivery of Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, confirmed the effectiveness of the concept of local autonomy as a viable strategy and vehicle towards progress and development. It is expected that the conversion of...

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