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Sentence Outline

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Christopher Gambs
Professor Sharon Ross
English 102
8 August 2015
O’Keefe, James H. et al. “Potential Adverse Cardiovascular Effects from Excessive Endurance Exercise.” Mayo Clinic Proceedings 87.6 (2012): 587–595. PMC. Web. 8 Aug. 2015.
I found this article by searching Google Scholar, and using a string search of “Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy” + endurance athlete. This type of search returned a moderate amount of results in which to start my research. This article was written as a peer review for the Mayo Clinic website. The article contains a significant amount of information describing different scientific studies performed in regards to high intensity exercise performed by ...view middle of the document...

This article was written as a case study for The Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, and is related to other sources in my research because it is a case study on a particular athlete who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy(HCM) related to running ultra-marathons. This athlete had been competing in ultra-marathons for over 25 years, and due to HCM, his heart had remodeled to accept the extra workload. So he had been performing these high endurance events with HCM because his heart learned how to comply with increased stress and work. There are no intended biases in this article because it is a case study on one individual and his cardiovascular health. In reading this article, the information would be intended for physicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals. In my opinion, this article is highly interesting, because the individual highlighted in the case study had been performing at an extremely high fitness level with subpar cardiovascular health due to his HCM. To tell the truth, I find that really incredible.

Pelliccia M.D., Antonio, Barry Maron M.D., and Antonio Spataro M.D. “The Upper Limit of Physiologic Cardiac Hypertrophy in Elite Athletes.” The New England Journal of Medicine 31 Jan. 1991: 295-301. Print.

I found this article with the assistance of a librarian at the Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn campus health sciences library. This source came from a highly reputable publication, The New England Journal of Medicine. The article is the published results from a study done by physicians on the Italian Olympic Committee. This article talks about the difference between physiologic hypertrophy and pathologic hypertrophy in relation to elite level athletes and their training regimen. It was a study done on 950 elite level Olympic athletes over a period of two years. The unique feature of the study was that it broke down all 950 athletes into their individual sports and what their results were pre and post study. There were no biases noted in this article. The intended audience, I think, would be anyone interested in this field of study. My only criticism of the article and study is that they are somewhat outdated, but it can provide some solid baseline information on my research.

Case, Chris. “Are Endurance Athletes Hurting their Hearts by Pushing Beyond Normal?” Velo News. Velo News, 29 July 2015. 8 August 2015. Web.
This article was found during the reading of an online periodical in which I subscribe to. The article is more of an informative piece than scholarly or scientific article. It relays the real life stories of two endurance athletes suffering from cardiovascular health problems related to their individual sports. The article contains a detailed story of each athlete and very interesting images and graphics to engage the reader in the article. The intended audience would be the general public and those individuals who participate in cycling and other endurance sports. I would say there is a slight...

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