Separation Of Church And State Essay

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Essay 1: Separation of Church and State

In discussing our American government on the issue of separating church and state, I believe it is important for our country to have a connection. One of the great freedoms we enjoy is religion. Before the United States of America was established, many fled from England because they were persecuted for their religion or felt the Church of England was corrupt. They sought freedom of religion on the American continent to be able to worship in their own ways. My ancestors were apart of this group of people that fled from religious persecution in Europe.
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In regards to the debate regarding complete separation of church and state or not, there should not be complete separate between the two entities. The American Government should be involved to let others believe as they wish. In the book, Taking Sides, John Paul Stevens believes our Constitution creates “a wall of separation” between the government and religion. This is a contradictory statement because those who wrote the constitution had strong beliefs that morality was key to the well being of mankind and that encouragement of religion was a powerful way to enhance morality. In our society, others would plea the fifth and construct an objection that gives them right of freedom of speech. The expression of ideas through speech and the press is the cornerstone of a free society. The US Supreme Court has granted constitutional protection to many aspects and the press, even if the content is debatable to some citizens of the government.
Religions around the globe have some similarities in which the government can ally those good principles in making a descent society. The government has made those principles and laws to also protect the American people. If religion in public was to be entirely nondenominational, meaning people could not say God in public, how could one offer gratitude without contradicting their principles? This would disintegrate freedom of religion and would...

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