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Sequestration Essay

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The articles explains about People's Branch, where the people elect someone so that he represents them in the goverment. In the country the people choose member for the House Representatives and the Senate. Where the House has 435 members,based on the population of each state and the Senate 100 senators, two for each state. They exist to create and modify legislation in the nation, likewise the congress have power to raise (taxes) and spend money and ...view middle of the document...

The legislature must share power with executive and judicial branch. The three leaders of the Congress are the Speaker of the House (recognized as the leader of the majority party), the President of the Senate (Vice President of the United States) and the President Pro tempore of the Senate to preside when the Vice President is absent. The chairman is selected by his colleagues. The length of service affects especially Senate rules, that give more power to senators with more seniority. By the diversity of topics, exist the committee system, which have their own issues to develop. These Committees also have subcommittees. In my opinion I agree with the constitution to create an institution like the congress with different powers, but they are representing the people. Nevertheless they aren't alone and they have to share this power with the executive and judicial branch, for example The New York Times published an article entitled "Obama to Seek War Power Bill From Congress, to Fight ISIS" by Jeremy W. Petersfeb, from February 10, 2015, where the administration of Presidency informed the congressman that President Obama will seek a formal authorization to fight the Islamic State in a period of three years. The debate is open..

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