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Service Marketing Essay

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The main achievement of Jyske Bank was their ability to improve quality service and to deliver a service matching perfectly customers’ expectations.
The gap model of service quality, developed by V.A Zeithmal, A. Parasuraman and L.L Berry, in Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations, will help us to understand how Jyske Bank managed to close the gap between customers’ expectations and perceptions (the customer gap).
Briefly, the gap model states that an organization will improve its quality service and its services marketing (closing the customer gap) by closing the four provider gaps, which are:
1) Not knowing what customer expect
2) Not selecting ...view middle of the document...

Jyske Bank’s purpose is not to attract more and more customers, but rather to build long term and profitable relationships with them.
Jyske Bank closed the gap 2 by implemented solutions allowing transforming the identified expectations into service characteristics.
At Jyske Bank, services are design according their values. As their customers are “selected” and share these values, services are likely to match customers’ expectations.
A new IT system was also developed to help employees determine customers’ needs, and to find the better solution. All this allowed Jyske Bank to provide a good service design.
Some solutions where implemented to help materialize provided services, like the development of tangibles factors like new branch design, or the new system of desk allowing customers’ to participate in the process.
Finally, by empowering employees and by decentralizing the structure, they managed to shorten processes (from 3 weeks to 10 days for a loan), meeting then customers’ expectations.
In order to close the gap 3, Jyske Bank implemented a human resource policy and processes allowing delivering services with the good standards and design.
Jyske Bank was very selective in its recruitment process. They systematically looked for people matching with the firm’s values, and who would be likely to enjoy working in this firm. Then they gave them training and good support system, to help them delivering good quality services, and empowered them, in order to increase their motivation and their interest in their work.
Thanks to an efficient internal communication, trough spot “TV” highlighted Jyske Bank values, discussion meetings between managers and front-line employees, special events like “Battle at Vejle” in which top management tested their employee motivation and interest in the firm, Jyske Bank ensured that their processes would be respected, and services delivered with good standards and design.
The Gap 4 illustrates the difference between service delivery and the service provider’s external communication. It states that customers’ expectations can increase because of the promises made by the firm.
At Jyske Bank, service marketing is all about promises made and promises kept: projecting a brand image of qualitative service provider, customers' experience must be memorable and as satisfactory as expected. All is made to allow the front-line service to meet customers’ expectations at the ‘moment of truth”.
M.J. Bitner’s Service Triangle model (1995) can help us understand how Jyske Bank managed to make, keep and enable promises.
As we saw before, Jyske Bank made some tangibles changes to improve external marketing like the creation of welcoming coffee centers or the "egalitarian" desks that put customer and banker on the same ground. Moreover, it is worth to note that Jyske's promises are expressed clearly in Jyske core values, values that customers share, and that they chose to make little advertising but relying on...

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